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Welcome we are Heritage

Heritage. PAST.
Buildings, created in the past and still have historical importance, significance and relevance.

Heritage. PRESENT.
Our team takes an idea from concept development to realization. We respect regional & local traditions and incorporate them within our design and funding proposals.

Heritage. FUTURE.
We secure an architectural resource, renovate the foundation, structure and interior, revitalize the economic contextual landscape, and preserve the building’s architectural authenticity, character and spirit of the property.

All our projects incorporate an inspired artistic vision with functional solutions that serve the architectural solution.

We are Heritage Architectural Associates

Scope of Services

The Heritage Approach

Our team manages as a conduit, from idea and concept development to realization. Our client is the soul and center of the project. Our main goal is to illustrate their goals, values and individuality through implementation.

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The Heritage Scope

Restoration | Civic Project

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Revitalization | Downtown Project

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Preservation | Review and Compliance Project

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